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About Power Systems Group

About Power Systems Group

Power Systems Group was founded by Gray Campbell and Roger Brown in 1996. Having worked at industrial facilities and utility-related firms, Campbell and Brown wanted to help bring value and understanding to the utility industry, the regulation and de-regulation of which was making industrial energy saving more complicated than it needed to be.

PSG's team of over 40 professionals serve clients in all areas of the United States.

By working closely with clients and in concert with their respective utilities, solutions to both short-term and long-term energy saving problems are ferreted out, eliminating confusion and accelerating the implementation of the solutions.

  • Gray Campbell

    Grey Campbell PSG EnergyGray Campbell served as Vice President of Natural Gas Services at a major energy consulting firm. He also initially established and served as manager of SCANA Energy's Industrial Gas Client Program in Georgia. Gray brings an understanding of a consultant's and utility company's viewpoint to the negotiation. As a recognized leader in corporate energy procurement strategies, Campbell coordinates the natural gas industrial energy saving program.

  • Roger Brown

    Roger Brown PSG EnergyRoger Brown managed energy cost optimization and utility negotiations as project leader at one of the largest aluminum extrusion plants in the world. He has senior level experience developing numerous competitive projects, establishing new benefits for industrial energy saving clients. Roger brings a utility service buyer's mindset as well as a talent to coordinate project development and completion to customer's satisfaction. Brown coordinates the electricity options for PSG clients with electric utilities.