Energy Procurement

Energy Procurement

  • Problem:

    Purchasing energy in a volatile market has become a challenge for organizations that are pressured to reduce costs and risks, while continuing to provide a productive environment for staff.

  • Solution:

    Power Systems Group is an independent expert on energy procurement for industrial facilities. We have assisted clients in procurement of over 500 million therms of natural gas and more than 500 million kilowatt-hours of electricity.

  • Services

    Power Systems Group energy management expertise monitors energy consumption and billing data, develops competitive alternatives to negotiate lower per-unit prices providing continuous support achieving energy savings for you.

PSG's Industrial Energy Saving Procurement Services Include:

  • Assessment of Customer Needs and Market Conditions
  • Deal structure Analyses
  • Strategy Development and Implementation
  • Energy Auctions or Bid Solicitations
  • Bid Analyses
  • Price Negotiations
  • Contract Review
  • Rate Analysis

Natural GasA unique characteristic of the utility industry is that suppliers are not required to offer consumers the best rate or tariff option available. Consumers are responsible for analyzing each of the supplier's different rate offerings and determining the best one for their particular situation. As anticipated by suppliers, most organizations fail to undertake regular utility rate reviews and, consequently, typically pay more than they should. The PSG Analysis Program and energy management is designed to eliminate this risk of overpayment. PSG has specialized proprietary software tools and are experts in identifying energy cost savings opportunities through rate and tariff alternatives.