Natural Gas Management

Natural Gas Management

Natural Gas Serving an evolving natural gas utility industry, PSG provides creative energy savings to meet the challenges and changes arising in both regulated and competitive power industry by providing innovative solutions through our consulting services. We offer a distinctive viewpoint on the challenges facing the gas industry today as well as the skills to create lasting value for our clients. Through our professional process and energy audit, PSG shows clients how to save energy costs, address complex economic engineering, accounting, policy and regulatory issues.

Natural Gas Unit Cost Analysis and Studies

Natural GasPSG conducts energy rate audit and studies to determine the fairness and financial foundation of gas rate structures. PSG can evaluate, establish and revise natural gas rates to meet increased costs of providing service and implementing regulatory initiatives while balancing the requirements of the company and its customers.

Our Services Include:

  • Rate Design Evaluation
  • Rate studies
  • City Gate purchases
  • Service Rules and Regulations
  • Settlement Negotiation