About Power Systems Group


-Page Summary- Power Systems Group is an energy cost reduction consulting firm serving industrial clients and facilities throughout the United States.
Industrial Energy Saving
Power Systems Group uses a 3 phase work progress-to-completion process that takes place off site without interruption to your company's function, process, or your personnel: Analysis of Options, Impelentation of Client-Approved Ideas, and Shared Benefits.
Energy Procurement
-Page Summary-Power Systems Group is an independent expert on energy procurement for industrial facilities.
Natural Gas Management
-Page Summary-Serving an evolving natural gas utility industry, PSG provides creative solutions to meet the challenges and changes arising in both regulated and competitive environments by providing innovative solutions through our consulting services.
Rate Analysis
-Page Summary-PSG as part of the Industrial Energy Saving Rate Analysis Program, offers various rate services.
Higher Education Energy Counseling Service
-Page Summary-PSG assist in identifying College and University utility cost reduction opportunities and more.
South Carolina State Energy Program: Utility Cost Reduction
-Page Summary-PSG Energy is pleased to be listed as an approved vendor for the State of South Carolina to assist the various state facilities in utility cost reduction measures.
About Us
-Page Summary-Having worked at industrial facilities and utility-related firms, Campbell and Brown wanted to help bring value and understanding to the utility industry, the regulation and de-regulation of which was making industrial energy saving more complicated than it needed to be.
Affiliate Program
-Page Summary-Found out the benefits of our great PSG Energy Affiliate Program. Signup Today.
Contact Us
-Page Summary-Contact Power Systems Group for more information about energy cost reduction or any inquiries you may have.