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Welcome to Power Systems Group

Power Systems Group is an energy cost reduction consulting firm serving large commercial and industrial clients and facilities throughout the United States. We serve as energy and purchase management specialists helping to reduce electricity,natural gas, water and alternate energy costs. We have a solid record of success assisting manufacturing companies, hospitals, pipelines, buildings, data centers, and schools solve utility performance and energy management issues critical to energy cost reduction.

Power Systems Group's focus is to create competitive alternatives to drive down the rate and unit cost paid by commercial and industrial end-users of electricity, natural gas, and competing fuels, reduce energy usage and bring management tools and solutions to save money on energy costs..

Cost Reduction Process

PSG Energy Process
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  • Energy Forecasting

    Electrical LinesWe work closely with energy forecasters to determine rising electricity and natural gas costs as well as energy costs of utilities nationwide. Trends of all energy prices are up as world demand rises and requirements for pollution reduction at the producer level increases. Commercial and industrial end-users are more closely focusing on cost reduction than ever before.

  • Per Unit Cost of Energy Solutions

    Electrical WorkerPower Systems Group's emphasis is on the per unit cost of energy and the solutions we create are tailor-made to your plant or facilities' needs. Power Systems Group customers are typically large manufacturing companies that want and need significant, quantifiable, energy cost reductions to be cost competitive in today's competitive world market.