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Rate Analysis

A utility rate analysis and an energy audit are two separate studies. An energy audit examines options to reduce actual energy consumption by more efficient lighting and motors, and a change in operation. A rate analysis is a review of the utility bills to uncover errors, miscalculations and different rate options to reduce the per-unit cost of energy (kWh or therm of gas) without making any changes to the operations of a facility.

Utility bills have several different elements in the rate formulas, each of which requires proper evaluation for application to a specific plant. Many times, slight rate modifications can lead to thousands of dollars in savings without investing one dime in equipment. Rates, tariffs, demand charges, revenue taxes, surcharges, fuel adjustments, reactive charges and miscellaneous credits can all be miscalculated and misapplied.

In our four (4) step approach, PSG will perform an accounting function of the invoice to determine what opportunities may exist and the potential possibilities to simply determine a whether this could create a value for our client. All we need is one recent energy bill for each metered service. We will apply the most current utility tariff and reconstruct the bills to determine actual incremental savings. By comparing the utility charges to the actual tariffs it allows us to spot billing errors, meter reading errors and computation errors. We also review for any available credits. If any credits or overcharges are discovered, then the necessary forms are completed to apply for the credit.

Electricity offers many options because there are so many rates that could be applicable to your service. There is much money to be saved in the proper rate choices and most utilities require that the end user (your facility) seek these savings through knowledge of the utility rates and classifications.

PSG will perform the accounting-type functions in the analysis of the utility bills, then the analytical functions utilizing our engineering expertise to make the final recommendations. Further, PSG will implement the client-approved recommendations.

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