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Our Process

PSG implements programs, first to reduce the per unit costs, then second, to offer reductions in energy usage. PSG uses a four (4) phase energy audit work progress-to-completion process that takes place off site without interruption your company's function, process, or your personnel.

Phase 1- Baseline

In this critical phase, PSG performs an in depth energy audit of your utility costs and energy usage to uncover competitive options and alternative rate classifications which could help your plant. The study outline the starting point from which we are able to have an impact and will overview all potential opportunities.

Phase 2- Unit Cost Recommendations

Once completed, we will report all energy saving solutions as well as strategies for implementation of our recommendations.  Implementation of Client-Approved Ideas. Once accepted energy solutions are put into action, PSG provides full management and navigates effective implementation with the utilities. PSG makes the transition effortless and successful for the client.

Phase 3- Implementation and Post management

Once recommendations are in place and actual quantifiable energy savings are realized,PSG will manage and monitor programs that have been implemented and prepare regular Post Implementation Reports for the project throughout the life of the agreement.

Phase 4- Energy Usage and Demand Cost Reductions

Once the full impact of the unit cost reductions has been achieved, then we proceed with our series of programs to address the energy consumed and the excessive demand costs.  These are a series of programs and services packaged to present an accurate reflection of what impact on your costs can be achieved.